5 essential step to have a safe and best DMT experience

30/11/-0001 By Farhan Sajid

5 essential step to have a safe and best DMT experience

Many people out there know that they want DMT but don't know how to have the best DMT experience. Here in this blog, we will have a look at the 5 steps that will help you have the best DMT experience. After consuming DMT this way, you will experience something new and more interesting. Let us have a look at these 5 steps


Use the right technique:

There are so many ways of consuming DMT but the best way to do so is using a Vapour Genie. It may cost you some bucks but if you want to have the best experience, you can spend some without hesitation. You will never experience the full DMT trip without consuming it in a proper way. So taking care of the technique and enjoy your trip.


Keep yourself stress-free before consuming DMT:

Before going for the DMT,  it is essential to ensure that you don't have any stress. If you will go with an unclear mind, you will still be connected to your thoughts or body. So make sure you get all your work done and are not tensed. The second thing that is very essential is drinking alot of water and keeping your self hydrated. If you will feel thirsty during the trip, it will connect to your body. It is very essential to take off all these possibilities as they can make your body stressed before going for DMT.


Choose a separate place and company:

Space and company you choose for DMT consumption play a very vital role. Always try to choose a place that is quiet and calm. However, consuming DMT alone for the first time yields better results but you can also do it with one or more friends.


Make yourself happy:

Not just stress but your mood also has a very significant effect on your DMT experience. You can go through the best DMT experience if you are happy and relaxed. For this, you can have an insight into your house and feel happy and blessed for what you have, can go through a friend message that makes you happy, or do anything else that makes you feel good.


Figure out why are you doing this:

Never consume DMT because of a mindset that everyone is doing it so I have to try it as well. Always go with the intention that you want to explore the other side of the world and learn from it. For the best DMT trip, it is essential to have a clear and meaningful intention of why you are doing it. As an artist, you can use it with the intention to get more creative ideas from that alternative world.


Final words:

With these above 5 steps you can surely have the best DMT trip, but for this, it is essential to have original DMT. For this purpose, you can buy DMT online from different shops. So for the next time follow these steps and make your trip worth it.