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How Is The Pandemic Having A Positive Impact On Individual Lives

It’s easy to dive into depression, stress and overwhelm amidst the outbreak. It’s only natural. With all the talk, rumour and fright flying around, you need a strong mind to resist it. News, social media and the internet is overflowing with the words of coronavirus. Things get even worse when with the media talking nothing but corona.


Let’s be honest. We’ve all googled symptoms and searched for extra info when all we did was a little cough from the dust. This stresses you already under stress mind. But this article is not about ways corona can stress the mind. It’s a little more positive than all those other panicking articles about the virus.


This article is all about seeing the pandemic from a different angle. A more positive one, and how it has/or can influence you positively, given you think positively.




Probably the most used word of the year 2020 yet. God knows what awaits us next. Hopefully a light after this dark tunnel.


Before the pandemic shook the world., we were busy in our daily lives. Gong to school, work and business and dealing with the public all around. Behavioral studies show that we as humans don't behave the way we want to. We behave what others expect us to. And that's only natural. Considering you don't want to behave towards a clement the way he expects you to. Kind, polite and respectful. That's how we interact.


Isolation means cutting ties from the world. In other words, it's just 'me' time. You don't have to put up a different mask every other hour. Neither do you need to impress people every other minute? It's just you and your comfy couch.


Take this time to explore yourself. Try not to think about people a lot. You have the whole rest of the year to do that. Take this time to enjoy the little things you won’t have the time for otherwise. Do what makesYOU happy. For some people it’s cooking, for others it’s gardening and then there are others too who just like to lay on the couch and explore Netflix.


If that’s what makes you happy. Do it. Don’t bother about people telling you to be productive or whatever. Tell them that you’re being productive on your mental health. Relaxing from the everyday rush and taking the time to breathe in some air. You have all the time to rush and overthink and plan and schedule once the pandemic is gone. Do what makes you happy now.


You’re Not Alone


In both contexts, either experiencing isolation or in isolation.  Literally the entire world is in isolation so you’re not alone in that context. However you’re not alone in you’re room as well. Not that you have a ghost in isolation with you, which you don't. But because you have your creativity with you.


You’re quarantined. just you and your creativity. In normal days, we are specifically creative. Not that it’s not creativity. It’s just creativity specified to certain areas only. The nature of work is an example.


In quarantine, since there is almost zero weight of work, the grounds of creativity take on a more vast area. Powered by boredom, There are so many things we explore during the quarantine. These quests of exploration empower creativity. Since with our limited ability to think outside the box, we try to create/find out different ways that would entertain us and kill some time. Be it a new abstract painting, something that can turn out a high priced masterpiece. Or a new recipe. The sky is the limit




Where the clouds of Negativity hover over the minds of people in isolation, take some time to find the sun. You don't have to look at the negative aspects of how the virus is affected ting you mentally just because everyone else is. A change of perspective is a nice thing to do. True it requires some time. But, it's worth it. Not only will it keep you healthy, but it will also impose less stress. So you can hover around the house like a happy butterfly in a garden.