Smoking Lavender: Overview, Benefits, and Side Effects in Daily Life

30/11/-0001 By Farhan Sajid

Smoking Lavender: Overview, Benefits, and Side Effects in Daily Life

Lavender is an herb that is used as a cure in medicine and perfumes. It exists in the form of flowers and oil. There are many uses of lavender herb but the most common use of lavender is to cure depression, sleeping disorders, and post-surgery pain. Food components also have the taste of lavender. Often it is added as a flavor in beverages. The scientific name of lavender is Lavandula angustifolia. The oil of lavender is obtained from mixing the related herbs that include Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia. There are certain antibacterial and antifungal effects that are associated with Lavender. It is perceived as a drug that induces a sense of relief in muscles. There are several pros and cons associated with lavender. Here we shall discuss the benefits and ineffectiveness of the lavender.

Benefits of Lavender:


            Research suggests that intake of lavender through the mouth help to cure the symptoms of anxiety in a person. Lavender oil is also used to cure anxiety in a person.


            It has been observed that intake of lavender improves the symptoms of depression. You can use lavender as an antidepressant drug but keep in mind that lavender is not as effective as the antidepressant drug. It is recommended to use a mixture of two.

iii-Menstrual cycle:

            There is a lot of pain associated with the menstrual cycle in females. The use of lavender oil reduces the pain in the stomach and back. It is recommended to intake lavender oil in the initial days of menstruation in order to counter the pain.

iv-Post-surgery pain:

            Post-surgery pain is very much common. If you have gone through any type of surgery, you can inhale the lavender in order to avoid the pain. Lavender can prove very effective if you continue its intake every 6 hours after the surgery.

There are several conditions in which intake of lavender is not effective. Here we shall discuss a few of the conditions in which you should not use lavender.


            It is recommended to not use lavender oil for the pain of cancer. Research suggests that cancer pain cannot be treated with lavender oil. It cannot be used to cure the pain of cancer.

Following are the conditions in which lavender is applied leading to effective outcomes but there is not much proof.

Canker sores:

            Research suggests that if you apply lavender oil on canker sores three times a day, it will heal the sore speedily. You will feel a reduction in swelling and pain after the application of lavender oil.

Belly of children:

            It has been observed that infant children cry all the time. You can apply lavender oil on the belly of infants in order to reduce the crying time of the baby. It is recommended to massage the belly skin of the baby for 5 to 15 minutes daily.


            There are several diseases that are cured with the help of lavender oil. You can apply lavender oil in order to cure the anxiety in your temperament. Research suggests that Alzheimer's disease can also be cured with the application of lavender oil.


            Lavender is considered the effective cure for the fatigue that patients often experience while undergoing dialysis treatment. It is recommended to use lavender twice a day for 25 to 20 minutes in order to treat the fatigue. Keep in mind that lavender will not work if you are not using it for less than the specified time.


            There is strange research but it is valid that if lavender is the oil is applied on the cloth that is left beside the bed, it will help people to sleep better reducing insomnia. Though it will not completely heal the insomnia disorder but it will surely reduce it to a considerable level. Also it has been observed that hospitals do not take effect of lavender oil as people experience severe insomnia n hospitals even after the application of lavender oil.

Labor pain:

            Labor pain is considered as the worst pain. Research suggests that the application of lavender may reduce labor pain.


            It has been observing that the application of lavender oil reduces the migraine. It is recommended to apply lavender oil on the upper lip. Lavender oil assist in spreading the headache reducing the chances of migraine.

Acute pain:

            Often infants and adults are reluctant to get injected because of the needle. Research shows that the application of specific lavender may help in the reduction of pain while inserting the needle in infants specifically.

Side effects:

            Drugs like Smoking lavender often have certain side effects. It has been observed that if lavender is safe to take in food amounts. Also if you are taking lavender in medicines, there is no harm in it.It is recommended to not take lavender through the mouth as it can have a side effect leading to constipation and headache. Skin is very sensitive part of the human body. Lavender oil is beneficial to human skin but it can cause irritation.

In general, there is no harm to the lungs by smoking lavender if taken in a prescribed format. Lavender is inhaled in the form of aromatherapy for the cure of depression, menstrual pain, post-surgery pain, and anxiety.


            Smoking Lavender is not safe for children who have not reached to the age of puberty because the application of lavender on young boys may disturb the hormonal balance in the body. So it can be unsafe for young boys and girls. People often use lavender in the pre-surgery period. It is recommended to stop taking the lavender prior two weeks of surgery. It can disturb the central nervous system if taken in excessive amounts. Do not take lavender in mixture with the anesthesia and other medicines as it can cause terrible consequences. It is recommended to take the lavender in a specified amount so that it may not affect your health negatively. If people ask can you smoke lavender and other herbal blends then your answer can be yes if taken in a prescribed format.