12 Different Role Play Plot Ideas

30/11/-0001 By Farhan Sajid

12 Different Role Play Plot Ideas

“Roleplay is the plot of the story in which characters perform a different role.” Various people turn to role-play as fun or comedian way to use different characters, whether they are real or from a fictional world. It had a fun way of escaping for some people but what happens when you come out of these ideas to do? It's an awful spot to be in. So here is the list of some different role play plot ideas.

  1. Guardian Angel
  2. Mental hospital patient/doctor
  3. Western Universe
  4. Zombie Apocalypse
  5. Memory Loss
  6. Vampire Prince
  7. Ghost and Haunted
  8. Werewolf Universe
  9. Purge
  10. Mind Reading for a day
  11. Treasure Hunter Universe
  12. Verse

Guardian Angel:

A guardian angel is a kind of angel that is elected to protect or to help a particular person. When person A died and then after death he met with his guardian angel person B

Mental hospital patient/doctor:

In which person A is the patient of a mental hospital and nobody can help him for his betterment and nobody make progress for his cure and then after along person B comes and he helps person A.

Western universe:

In which person A is taking ride along his fellows in the ranch and during this ride they see the person B in the field and Person B has been shot by someone and will soon lead towards death if they aren't helped. So the ending of this play is fairly opened. Now what do you think Person A will help the person B or not? Will he take a risk to help person B? And what cost he will do for person B?

Zombie apocalypse:

Person A I travelled with his friends and then he lost his friends one by one during the journey without any defense. That is till they move into Person B's group. After losing his friends he is totally all alone. Now here is the question that how’s the reaction of person B? Do group B accept person A humbly or they hostile or worry.

Memory loss:

Here are the two people, person A and person B and they are totally unknown for each other for a long time. Now the person A gets an accident while driving a car and suffers from head trauma (memory loss) to forget the person or even whatever that is known for him. And he also forgot Person B. Now he’s totally depending on person B to help him to remember the things and if they are not helping them to remember, then help them to figure out their life.

Vampire Prince:

Here the person A is denoted as a vampire prince. Person A rule the kingdom and sit on the seat, but it's all with hesitancy. Every single year a sacrifice is brought from a near village for The Vampire Royalty. They capture the second person, Person B and take them to the castle.

Now you can move towards any direction from which you want; person A change person B into Vampire Prince, taken them as a slave, maybe person A  have kind to them or may be sent back to their destination or may be taken them as a normal person or may be something else. Its ending is fairly open you can make fun of this and relate with whatever you can. You can just fun with it.

Ghost and Haunted:

Person A shifted to the new house or you can say (apartment, flat, room, building) whatever you have to liked. Some nights passed peacefully and did not face any difficulty. After few days, things started to go wrong and then they meet person B. the person B that was killed by someone in the same house and they were stuck in the house as a ghost and started harassing them.

Werewolf universe:

Werewolf is “In Folklore, a man that changes his shape into a wolf for a particular time especially it is related to the moon” We really don’t have idea about this but it becomes a little bit fun that person A is a werewolf and or may be person become a werewolf. Folktales and customs around the world define several different ways that a person can convert into a werewolf, including a family obscenity, being bitten by a werewolf, wizardry and curses or even more reasons(you probably shouldn't try this last one anyway). Many questions arise that can human turns into a werewolf? Is a werewolf existing in this world or not?


(In the movie purge)  Person A and Person B are moved through the Purge. They escape to the person who wants to kill them but they both stuck together in fighting against people who have decided to kill them. Now it’s up to you and has fun with it. It is fairly open ending. Now you can do whatever and make fun with it. And have fun with your favorite character who you like the most and their status.

Mind reading for a day:

Person A wakes up early in the morning with the ability to read mind and he wants to read the mind of his friend person B.  May be person A wants to know the secret of his friend person B. or may be person B didn’t want that person A know the secrets of his life, but person A try to reveal his secret. Then what happened when person A read their best friend’s mind?

Treasure Hunter Universe:

Treasure hunting is the hunting that you can do physically. Person A is a well-thought-of treasure hunter. They put ages of work into searching the most amazing treasure of their life only to have Person B, a treasure thief, to steal it right at the last moment.


This one mostly relates to fandom world related Role Plays. Take one of the leading characters and converse their parts. Make them the contradictory of whom or what they actually are and see where that where they leads you.