20 Weird Thoughts That You Have Thought About At Least Once

19/04/2021 By Farhan Sajid

20 Weird Thoughts That You Have Thought About At Least Once

There are a lot of things that we think about every day and sometimes they are very weird, and we are very curious about how they got into our heads.

You can read about the article related to it in the odyssey online and now we are here again to tell you about 20 things like that.

The Year:

Well, as we start from the weirdest thing, have you ever thought just like us that the year 2019 was the last year that ended with teen for the rest of the time that we are going to live?

If not, you will definitely think about it now.


It might sound the weirdest thing, but have you ever thought that people who are six ft long are just six subways long?

Yes, we were just as surprised when this thought came into our head and yeah, it is just kind of weird.

You Were The Youngest?

There are days when you are actually very free, and you start to think things that are very amazingly weird like the other day I was thinking that there is the smallest moment in our life when we are the youngest in the whole wide world?

Life is Weird: 

To the things that you have done all your life, and all the phases that you have been through all your life come up together and bring you here to read this article?

To be honest, did you think about it before?

Your Nose Might Just Be A Mystery?

Well, do you know that you can always see your nose but just after sometimes your brain filters it out and then you cannot see it for a little while. Yes, our mind exploded too.


Do you think that you are exactly, at this moment, breathing manually? Yes, think like that because it is a weird fact and you need to believe us.


At this time, whatever your age is, and how many years you have spent on this planet, is the exact time how much you have orbited around the sun?

Yes, it is a very weird thing to know but that is what we are doing here, just mentioning the weird things that you should think about because we are doing that too.

Delay Death:

There are a lot of things that we think about and are really weird but there are also some fun things that you need to think about because it feels good to think about them.

Need an example? Well, have you ever thought that when you are saving the life of a person you are just delaying their death?


Please do not come at us but it is true that when there are two identical twins, and if they get to marry the identical twins then genetically, their kids will be siblings.

Everything Just Comes To An End:

Have you ever thought about the fact there was a day when your parents put you down and then never picked you up?

No don’t be emotional it is just that you started walking.


One thing that always actually bothers me a lot is the fact that even though I am me, but I have

never seen my real self but just the reflection of me or my picture.

You can never really see yourself but can just find the reflection of yourself in the mirror and that is the weirdest yet a very true thing that you need to know.

Think About It?

Have you ever thought about it that when a student is failing a subject, we always blame him as he has done really bad in the subject, but do you ever think that it can also be that the teacher is failing to teach?

It Is Weird:

Do you think that if every single person on this planet was blind there were no days and nights but just how cold or hot the weather is?

The Sounds:

Have you ever thought that there are people who have never heard dinosaurs' sounds but made them?


Do you ever think that you can never stand backward on the stairs? Yes, you cannot.


Do you know if you replace the W in what and where you just answer the question?

Random People:

Do you ever think about how many random people you have seen when they were just about to see their last moments?

Start Thinking:

Do you when you do not tuck your shirt into the pants that you are wearing then it just makes the pant tucked into the shirt?

Our Body:

Whatever mechanisms are taking place in our body are just happening in a dark place, and how amazingly weird that is?

Um, Yes?

If you think that James bond is the famous spy, then it just automatically makes him the worst spy?